Commemorative Air Force
Rainier Squadron
Paine Field, Everett, Wash.
Hello, Pacific Northwest!
Rainier Squadron
is a new addition to the PNW warbird scene. A group of local warbirds enthusiasts has been working for the past year or two to stand up a new CAF unit and acquire an aircraft. We are currently small, but growing. If you are interested to support our CAF goals to EDUCATE, INSPIRE, and HONOR through flight, keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on how to get involved. Learn more at https://commemorativeairforce.org.
77-333 > 43-44046 > FB605 > NC60634
We are currently the proud caretakers of N60634, a 1944 Stinson Reliant which served the UK Royal Navy during the Second World War via Lend-Lease (registered after the war as a Vultee V-77).
Contact Us
We are temporarily based at Paine Field. Plans are underway for a permanent home.
Connect with us on Facebook or contact us with questions at info@cafrainier.org.